Quick-Lock Patch Repair

Our new ‘rubber-sealed stainless-steel’ patch repair technology.

What is it used for?

Patch repairs are typically used for pipes that are damaged by inadequate sealings, tectronics and the strain by dynamic traffic. Damage includes cracks, holes, un-tight pipe joints and root penetration. The Quick Lock gaskets are designed to completely reconstruct a pipe’s stability if any such damage occurs and is the only system on the market which is suitable for all types of pipes.

How does it work?

The quick lock uses mechanical bracing meaning no additional chemical products such as glues, laminates or resins are necessary. The materials used are V4A high-grade steel and EPDM rubber which have been successfully proven in the construction of pipes and sewage for decades. To place the Quick Lock gaskets you only need a camera, a small compressor and the Quick Lock packer.