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Manhole & Bund Relining

Manhole Rehabilitation & Sealing

Manhole/Tank/Bund lining

We use the MC MHP range of coatings designed specifically for sewerage systems. Can be applied using centrifugal casting head or by hand.


Concrete injection

This is used to stop and prevent infiltration in the manholes and Concrete structures, by injecting our polyurethane resin into the structure – it stops leaks and provides a structural membrane behind the chambers.

Main Features

  • Polyurethane resin injection, which when in contact with water expands rapidly, stopping leaks within minutes.
  • Ideal for brick and concrete structures.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-disruptive sealing of leaks.
  • Places impermeable coating outside structure
  • Stays permanently flexible
  • Resists ground water pressure
  • Effective against high flows.
  • Impermeable to water, allows diffusion of water vapour
  • Resistant to very severe sulphate attack and PH of 3.5.

Reservoir & Underwater Surveys

Using our new ROV underwater camera with its powerful lighting and video we are capable of inspecting Reservoirs while they remain in service.
Our detailed surveys allow you to identify cleaning and maintenance Priorities and allocate your resources and budgets with confidence.The survey will also clearly identify any structural problems such as Cracks or fractures in the concrete or corrosion on deteriorating pipe work & fittings.
Each system is equipped with all the necessary features to perform Demanding tasks and easily controlled by our trained operative. 150 meter depth rating and umbilical lengths to 150 meters.

Drain and Tank Cleaning

Our ever growing fleet of drain cleaning vehicles ranging from small vans to Hi-spec Jet-Vac units enable us to provide you with the right equipment at the right time.

Services include:

  • Emergency call outs to hotels, factories & domestic properties
  • Complete drainage networks cleaned prior to CCTV ranging from 4” right up to 1.8 metres 4” 1.8mtrs
  • Our Jet-Vacs are capable of cleaning any depth of pumping station or tank.
  • Lagoons cleaned using our High Volume Jet-Vac in conjunction with our dewatering system.
  • Planed regular maintenance, keeping drains flowing and trouble free for longer.