Maintenance Contracts

Whether you are a large or small business or it’s just your domestic home, having your drains work properly gives great piece of mind. If you are in business, the effect of badly functioning (or worse, non-functioning) drains can be potentially disastrous with a large negative impact on your customers, your staff and the general environment. In a domestic situation you rely on your drains to work efficiently.

If they don’t you are guaranteed to have problems, often at the most inconvenient times. The solution to ensure everything is working well with your drains is to have a maintenance contract with Irish Drain Services which includes a 24 hour emergency cover. We will tailor a contract to suit your requirements and budget and give you piece of mind. We provide a whole range of other services as well.

Maintenance Contract –

This is a twelve month agreement between the customer and us to ensure that your drain system is working efficiently. Other services can be included at the customer’s request.

The main features of a Maintenance Contract are:

  • Tailored to meet Customer’s needs and range from one visit per year to as many as you require.
  • Includes a reduced cost Emergency Cover
  • Payment can be spread over a number of instalments to suit cash flow
  • A wide range of services can be covered, or be purchased additionally on an as needs basis
  • Annual cost starts from as little as €200 for domestic service which covers one routine cleaning visit during the year and reduced rates for emergency calls.